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The Power of Water

Published August 1, 2013 by tabby727

Yesterday, while I was driving around doing the numerous errands that I had to do, the skies opened up and let water pour down on our little city. Until you have experienced “flash flooding” it is hard to comprehend the vast amount of rain that can come down in a short period of time. There was water covering roads and all you could do was drive through them. After driving through several water puddles that were deep and entirely across the road, I kept hearing a scrubbing noise. I thought it was possibly the brakes because they had gotten wet, but it continued and seemed to get worse. It wasn’t until I had driven around getting weird looks because of the noise coming from under my car, that I decided to get out and actually look under the car. It was not the brakes. The power of the water in those puddles had tore a plastic shroud lose from the bolts under my car and it was scrubbing the ground; hence the scrubbing noise. Amazing! Just glad it wasn’t something more serious. Water Over Road